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Material: 14K Gold Filled Chain /  Quartz Druzy Charm

Dimensions: 20 inches 

Clear quartz crystals have been used as a beautiful asset in the jewellery realm for years. Clear quartz is powerful towards energy healing as it absorbs, stores, releases, regulates and amplifies positive energies within us and within our surroundings. 

This quartz pendant represents a personal source of energy and knowledge of oneself. 

From the gold filled chain to the uneven quartz crystal, this gem is a great piece to style with a powerful message for our neck to carry. 

My energies are but a reflection
of my associations
from which I choose to energize
from my highest vibrations. 

Please note, this gem is a natural stone. For that reason, it may slightly differ from the original picture. This piece is a symbol of the individuality and uniqueness held within everyone.

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