You are the essence of freedom;
liberate yourself.
You are forgiveness
to which you call “mistakes”
whom turned into your most valuable lessons.

You are abundant
and thou shalt no longer believe
you lack in any aspect of your life.  
You are worthy of more
than you think you will ever deserve,
may you celebrate
every little accomplishment in sight.

You are the cells
of peaceful energy
which people are attracted to.
You are clarity
to this outer world
filled with disruption.
You are self-disciplined
to this world’s temptation.

You are excellence
beyond your imagination.
You are unique
in the patterns of trends.
You are this very moment,
at this specific date and time.

You are the master
of your descriptive identity.
You are a light glowing
in the collective realm of humanity.

You are fearless
as you keep stepping
in fear so boldly.
You are the creator
of your life
what you have created
in your inner soul.

You are the decision
towards every step you take.
You are your higher purpose
every morning you wake.

You are your own muse.
You are your own inspiration.
You are your own hero.
You are the keeper of your infinite prosperity.
You are who you are
with no need of validity.

Sikaa Jewellery.