In the midst of self-expression, you might have difficulties accessorizing your jewellery or find yourself always second-guessing the mixing and matching of your accessories.   

Consider yourself lucky, this article is for you!  

Please find below our top four tips to accessorize your jewellery : 

Tip No. 1: If you want to make a statement, one statement jewellery is enough

A statement jewellery is one that draws the most attention. This could be seen as one of our gold filled necklaces or beautiful brass earrings. Whatever it is, we advise you to wear only one statement jewellery on the upper part of your body.

We recommend this only because wearing more than one statement piece is how people tend to notice the jewellery less; resulting in not having the effect you initially hoped for.

'Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.' — Coco Chanel 

Tip No. 2: Work around your statement jewellery

Wearing a statement piece doesn't mean you cannot add to it; we simply encourage you to work around it. Smaller forms of jewellery could really optimize your style.

Here, let's take an example shall we?  Let’s say you are wearing a big bronze wristwatch, know that you could always wear little gold plated bracelets to add to the look. This would draw additional attention to your wrist in order for people to notice the statement piece. Remember, your statement jewellery does not have to stand alone, adding a little something to it can really help in making it stand out! 

Tip No. 3: Mix Metals

If you have no statement jewellery yet, no worries. This part is for you-you can mix different metal jewellery to make a statement. You could Start with a brass necklace and continue with a gold filled one to finish the look with another brass element on your body.

Tip No. 4: Pick jewellery from the same colour tone

Another great way to wear multiple jewellery at once is to choose jewellery in the same tone. This will ensure that your favourite accessories flow with your entire look of the day; making it seamlessly elegant.

PS: If you feel like sharing how you accessorized your jewellery today, feel free to do so by tagging us @sikaajewellery on Instagram. We are all here to help one another!

Yours Truly, 

The Sikaa Jewellery Team