Sikaa Jewellery is passionate about its customers' complete satisfaction.  

We recognize that obtaining the perfect fit is extremely important.
We list the size of our jewellery items in US/Canada measurements on each product listing.
To help you find the right necklace size, please use the size chart below as guide to help you through the purchase process. 

Standard Necklace Sizes for Women
16 inches: Choker Length (for smaller neck sizes)
18 inches: At the collarbone (most common length)
20 inches: A few inches below the collarbone
22 inches: At or above the neckline
24 inches: Below the neckline
30 inches: Hang at or below the bust
Standard Necklace Sizes for Men
18 inches: Base of the neck (for smaller neck sizes)
20 inches: At the to collarbone (most common length)
22 inches: A few inches below the collarbone
24 inches: Just above the sternum
30 inches: Just above the chest

*Please keep in mind that these are all approximations for an average woman’s or man’s height and size. 
If you have any questions regarding the fit or length of a particular item, please feel free to contact us :