Eyes open.
Fresh day.
Fresh air.

I can hear
the birds singing.

I rise each morning with the sun,
reminding myself of life’s golden glow.
Who am I?
I ought to know.
Wake up, darling.
Skincare routine.
Hot water
and citrus squeeze.
Silk on my skin is dancing
to the morning breeze.
life’s golden glow
reflecting in the dust
of my morning window.
Jewellery box,
holding my hand-crafted identity
reflection within each of its dimension
the roots of the woman in me.

Busy morning,
yet always minimalistic liven’
looking at myself in the mirror
hair is messy
but personality ever so classy. 
I recognize her.

Sunrise, life’s golden glow
reflecting on my collarbone
from that jewellery box I own.
Reminding me; who I am 
not allowing myself
to forget what I ought to know.

My culture is in AFI. 
My soul’s protection is with PEARLA. 
My au naturel is the soil in KOSSI. 
My intuition is lived through MIRÄ.
My strength is seen in XÉVI. 
My healing is within ABLA. 
While my enlightenment is ever shining in NEFERTITI.

I am Sikaa.
I am the source of golden reflection.
I am life’s glow.
Now, I know.