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  • AGBÉ


Material: 14K Gold Filled Chain / Gold Plated Charm

Dimensions: 18 inches

We have the pleasure to present you this amazing earth shaped pendant to show our love towards mother-earth. A perfectly shaped 3D globe structure is used as a charm for this subtle necklace.

Our message here is seen through the importance of holding the world close to our hearts feeling the warmth only the universe can bring.

This purposeful item is suitable for both formal and casual events. 

          It is in the grounding of my footsteps, 
          the shine in the sun,
          the delicacy of earth's details 
          that forces me to remember each morning 
          mother-earth has yet again sprung. 

We wish to serve you with only the best hand-crafted jewellery at affordable prices. All our products are made with love and care for us to share.